Where do you deliver your lawn sign rentals?

Downtown Columbia, parts of Lexington, Cayce, West Columbia and Chapin. Please email your delivery address to clarify if your specific location is within our free delivery radius.

What information is needed when ordering a stork?

You can place the order and once full payment is received your stork is reserved. The earlier you reserve your stork the better! As soon as the baby is born, please send us the baby’s name, weight, height and date of birth.

How soon do I need to order my rental sign?

The earlier you order, the better chance of your welcome baby stork sign being available for the specific dates you would like. We will do our best to accommodate all orders, but 48 hours (or more) notice is greatly appreciated.

How much are flamingo graduation yard signs?

Flamingo lawn signs are typically 2-day rentals for $75. This includes a keepsake plaque, delivery, setup & pickup. (Your keepsake plaque is left at your front door when the flamingo is picked.) Please inquire about longer rental periods as we can usually accommodate special requests! 

Where will my sign be placed in my yard and how is that perfect spot determined?

Upon delivery, your sign is placed in a spot that provides curbside visibility and a nice photo backdrop. If you have a specific spot you would like your sign placed in – please make sure to clearly mark it and let us know well in advance. Otherwise, we will use our best judgement to place your rental sign in a spot where everyone can enjoy it!

Do I need to be present when my sign is delivered or picked up?

No. This is a completely contactless transaction. Your sign rental will be delivered, installed & picked-up. If you have a gate code that needs to be shared – please provide that when ordering your rental sign.

Is there a delivery fee?

Only if you live outside of our 15 mile radius.
16-20miles +$10 charge
21-30miles +$20 charge.
Please email us the delivery address if you would like to verify. Thanks!

What about baby showers or gender reveal parties? Can we rent a stork or two for those?

We would love to help you celebrate any occasion. Shoot us an email about your specific event and we will do our best to accommodate!

What if I would like to move our rental sign around? What if I want to attach balloons to it?

Please do not move or attach anything to the rental signs. Damage to the stork is the homeowners’ responsibility. Balloons may pop and heat will melt the latex onto the sign, thus ruining it. Please keep it free of any attachments or additions that are not installed with it by The Delightful Soiree.

Can I gift someone a lawn sign rental?

Yes. For the same price as sending a new mama flowers, you can send her a stork! This is a gift to welcome a new baby that will be in family photos & cherished for years to come!